Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Waqt badal gaya.

Lakin me yaha huu.

I tried to change the environment with the hope that I can think clearly, get different perspective and able to think out of the box. I tried for a very long time with many changes, adaptation and improvement, I presume. But actually, without noticed, I drown myself to a deep hole which I feel suffocated with the life I created. I felt stuck, nowhere to go and really helpless.

Thanks Allah. Alhamdulillah. My prayer has been answered.

At one point, I give myself time to reflect, “Why don’t I go to the time the best of who I am?”.

Finally I make a U-turn, try to build up and create my old-own space; which the nature and environment brings the best of me, makes the ideas flow freely and give me the essence of life, warmth and tranquility. 

 > a desk
> a chair
> a computer
> a note book
> lots of pen
> wall (to put anything inside my mind)
> a window (to see the outer world)

that's all. No fancy table with beautiful flowers plus white telephone to call. Nope. ONLY up there.

my lovely space for my'self'

Yes, right. This is who I am. This is the correct place for me to unlock the innermost potential of whatever desirably I want to be.

I am strong. I am who I am. PERFECTION is the natural state.  

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